I Will Help You Sell More Today:

Now you can grow your business with effective face to face marketing!   Nothing beats good old fashioned face to face where you can create real emotional connections… and that is what I can offer your business.   Lots of companies cannot afford, or have been burnt with sales people in their time and gone are the days of the £50K salary and company car.   My personal Get Connected service allows you, the business owner, to focus on key introductions you would like, target markets and specific products.  My job is to open the door and create interest for your business.

Like the sound so far?

If you do then here is what I can offer;

Target Market Introductions at trade fairs and networking events –

  • Target specific companies and individuals at these events
  • Gain an intro face-to-face meeting
  • Provide follow up and outcome review

Networking Representation 

Time and time again I come across businesses who are not networking in the right circles, now this can be for many reasons, time, resources, nerves or just plain hate the thought of it!   Thats ok to feel this way as I can offer a solution.

I love nothing more than walking into a room full of strangers, approaching people and getting to find out who is who and promoting my clients business.   Networking is a passion of mine and no matter if it is a BNI meeting at 6:30am or a night time networking event  I can be there for you representing YOUR business.

What I can offer –

  • Attend events on behalf of your company
  • Increase your company visibility in person
  • Build a strong network for your business that will keep giving

Exhibition Representation

When I ask most businesses at exhibitions how they are doing I bet you can guess the reaction….. Well it usually goes along the lines of ‘I hate this’, ‘My feet are killing me and it’s quiet’, ‘People are just walking by’.   Your staff are valuable to you and time is valuable to the business, so having staff on a stand all day, sometimes for 2 or 3 days can be a drain on resources, finances and pressure to the business.

Let me help you!   I love the buzz of exhibitions, the thrill of approaching people who feel nervous about stopping to talk to exhibitors and making them feel at ease, being the person who draws a crowd and gets you the valuable connections you require from the event.

So the next time you are thinking about exhibiting why not ask me to represent your company!

My representation for any of these services are based on a 1/2 day or full day fixed rate.